Our Vision

is to build-up, and not to destroy people,
or the well-being of the planet

Our vision is to utilise our skills and services to assist in providing funding and facilities primarily for customers outside of Australia. The minimum amounts to be considered were set at US$100 million (one hundred million dollars). It was also intended that the company act in the capacity of financing consultants, financiers and investment managers.

Our objective is to maximise the ability of our clients to establish an improved self – sufficient economic environment, whilst delivering stakeholder wealth and maximising ‘Local Content’ job opportunities for local companies, artisans and professionals.

We will achieve this through building and establishing transparent, ethical business relationships. Our business relationships are built on integrity.

Our values help us work towards establishing a common purpose with our clients, to build trust with Government leaders, agencies and commercial clients across a range of business streams focused on offering and delivering project funding solutions that exceed their expectations.

Our culture thrives amongst our executives and network of country representatives and is supported by a framework of internal and external expectations and requirements, these help guide our behaviours and build trust with the Governments and commercial clients we represent.

Our purpose and values are the foundation of our success. We exist to build trust and solve project funding problems and challenges faced by our clients, our values help us and our clients successfully deliver on that purpose.