Brief History

Allied Mortgage & Securities Pty. Limited was founded and established in Australia by Peter H. Swanson. We act in the capacity of financing consultants, financiers and investment managers.

Our primary function is to be directly involved in ventures, joint ventures, infrastructure projects, endeavours and enterprises for which facilities and capital are sought and secure funds for our existing client and customer base.

Our professional approach proved successful, building and enhancing the confidence the Chinese investors, finance houses, banks and equity funds had established with us.

To maximise our potential and service our growing number of clients and customers, Allied Mortgages & Securities Company Limited (HK) was incorporated in April 2009, as a vehicle/specialist corporation to be utilized for the Asian market by the Australian based Allied Mortgage & Securities Pty. Ltd., for the purpose of delivering our comprehensive range of skills and services dealing in transactions and enabling the provision of funds and facilities on behalf of our growing number of clients and customers based outside Australia.